After many years of following the trends, doing the fad-diets, trying all the workouts, and more often than not failing at consistency, I’ve come to discover a need in the fitness world. I feel there is a gap between the “balls to the wall” mindset and “I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time” mindset. But what about the middle ground? What about…the average Joe?

Over the past year I have come to develop a huge passion for this happy-medium lifestyle that I feel is lacking - the person who wants healthy options from a normal and affordable grocery haul, the person who wants to move their body and understand how to use the machines in the gym, and the person who wants to go to a family gathering or enjoy a night out with friends and not feel defeated with every food choice. 

This desire is what has inspired me to launch The Average Joe - I hope to create a space that you will feel is a space for you.

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